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Dr Rashmi Jaiswal
Dr Rashmi JaiswalImplantologist & CEO
Dr Rashmi Jaiswal is Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) from KGMC Lucknow and Masters of Oral Implantology from Frankfurt, Germany. She is WCOI (World Congress of Oral Implantology) Diplomate and ICOI (International Congress of Oral Implantology) Fellow
Dr Rashmi has placed over 2500 implants successfully and mastered many techniques.

We believe in perfection in surgical delivery hence we have a team of best doctors from individual specialties.

Unlike single chair single specialty clinics or aggressively overgrown dental chains you do not need to run around for equipment and specialty doctors between centers.

Our Valuable Full Time Team Members

Dr Poonam Dogra
Dr Poonam DograMDS Endodontist
Dr Poonam has best surgical hand in all Endo procedures. She has treated many challenging cases mismanaged by neighboring dentists.
Dr Chestha Saxena Banerjee
Dr Chestha Saxena BanerjeeMDS Prosthodontist
Dr Chestha does excellent job of restoring missing tooth and jaw structures. Visible crowns and bridges after RCT or Implant are done by Dr Chestha with utmost precision.
Dr. Ajay Kaushik
Dr. Ajay KaushikMDS Orthodontist
Dr. Ajay is our perfectionist Orthodontist. He has handled many challenging cases with conservative approach, i.e. minimal extractions. Afte his fulltime commitment to Apex Dental, Ortho patient satisfaction has increased many folds.
Dr Preeti Jha
Dr Preeti JhaMDS Pedodontist
Kids get absolutely comfortable when interacting with Dr Preeti. She has treated many unmanageable kids with ease and cured them completely.
Dr. Shradha Aggarwal
Dr. Shradha AggarwalMDS Periodontist
Dr Shradha is expert in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal disease. She also manages and oral inflammation and gives valuable inputs for dental implants.

Our Valuable Visiting Team Members