Dr. Jalis Fatima Pedodontist

Dr. Jalis Fatima

Dr. Jalis Fatima is a specialist in Pedodontia and Preventive dentistry (kids dentistry). She has completed her graduation from BIDSH, Patna, Bihar and was awarded with Honours throughout her academics. She qualified for her post graduation with an Allah India rank of 98 and was a State Topper from one of the most reknowned colleges of south East Asia, RADCH, Kolkata. She is all equipped with the latest techniques of her specialization and has an overall experience of around 10 years. She has a keen eye on developing or near to develop abnormalities in young children justifying her branch of preventive dentistry.

Professional Information & Experience

She has even patented an appliance on her name which cuts the orthodontic treatment time in children to less than half of the default duration and has it published in an eminent pubmed indexed journal (JCDR) with several other publications.
Her ability to understand, diagnose and empathise with children make her able to work with special children inclusive of Pervasive developmental disorders.
She is seasoned with all the skills to trust your child’s oral health including-
– patients with compound syndromes and precooperative stage requiring general anesthesia.
– Nitrous oxide and inhalational anaesthesia (conscious sedation)
– Dental restorations and extractions
– pulp therapy and root canal treatments
– space maintainers
– space regainers
– interceptive orthodontics (fixed and removable)
– myofunctional appliances
– habit breaking appliances
– facial orthopedics
– Myobraces
– Dental traumatic injuries
– gum problems in neonates and infants
– tongue problems and cleft abnormalities
Being smooth spoken in multiple languages like English, Hindi, Bangla, Urdu, Arabic and Gujarati puts her at the likable spot of being able to treat and empathise with children of different backgrounds.